Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Jackie Boy 2.0

Oh, if these walls could talk, I would talk right back,

I would talk, I would talk ‘til they fade to black.

Monday the 26th of March, 2012

In such a place you either breathe or you suffocate
It’s such a waste, don’t you see what you’ve done to me
got Holes in my heart like the holes in my liver
It seems the less she take is the more I give her
So, never the winner
for-ever the stranger
You Hate me for what I was
Forget the good I do
A strange place where I keep my feelings
Call it Fort Knox with a see through ceiling
‘Cause where I stand I don’t see the path, I see the past
I see the problems that await but I don’t seem to act
So nothing’s learned, no triumphant return
I never put out the fire, I just watch it all burn, thinking…

Jackie Boy - Omar LinX (via rightbeforemyeyess)
Monday the 26th of March, 2012